About ProTrack

Our software products complement existing systems with advanced and unique abilities and provide added-value to any command, control and surveillance system, whether military, civilian or other.

ProTrack Ltd. is a leading developer and worldwide vendor of Computerized Vision and Video Content Analysis software products for the security, surveillance, military and civilian markets since 1998.

Our cutting-edge capabilities can be operated as stand-alone, or seamlessly integrated into the customer’s systems (OEM), and include:                                                       

  • Aerial/Ground Geo-Reference for Tactical Geo-Positioning
  • No-GPS Navigation for Airborne Platforms
  • Video Motion Detection for Scanning and Static, Day and Night, Ground-based and Airborne sensors (drones, aerostats, planes, satellites)
  • Video Motion Detection on Water (Coastal VMD)
  • Video Stabilization
  • Video Enhancement
  • Dehazing\Defogging
  • Video Tracking of Objects/Targets
  • Aerial Multi-Strip Panorama and Geo-Anchored Mosaic Rapid Creation
  • Ground Multi-Strip Panorama Rapid Creation
  • Unattended/Missing Object Detection
  • Object Classification
  • Smoke Detection


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