VMS and Control Systems

ProTrack ProMotion ODX301 - VMS and Analytics for Small-Scale/Residential Protection


• Made for Outdoors environment
• Object detection under difficult conditions: low illumination, detection while camera is shaking, haze, fog, precipitation, dust, etc.
• Object detection on water
• Smoke detection with a standard daytime camera
• Unrivalled detection capability: slow motion, small objects, long range, "noisy" video, etc.
• User-configurable areas-of-interest and detection rules (direction of movement, speed, size, area, etc.)
• Use with daytime / Thermal / Infrared sensors
• Use with static / Jumping / Scanning sensors
• Use with Ground / Air based systems
• Use with IP / Analog sensors
• Live video streaming
• Event viewer and log
• Real-time messaging
• Dry contact interface





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