ProTrack's Products

ProTrack's product portfolio includes Video Content Analysis solutions for the Civilian, Defense, Security and Surveillance markets.

Our products can be used on Airborne or Ground platforms, with Scanning or Stationary sensors, outdoors or indoors, day or night.

All of our products can be used as standalone, or be easily integrated into the customer's platform.


ProMotion Terra VMD - Video Motion Detection (VMD) for Stationary and Scanning Cameras

ProMotion Sky VMD - Video Motion Detection (VMD) for Airborne Cameras

AMOD - Abandonned and Missing Objects Detection

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TRK - Video Tracking for Ground-Based and Airborne Cameras

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SELA - Video Satbilization and Enhancement

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NEVO - Geo-Positioning for Ground-Based Cameras

MAOF - Geo-Positioning for Airborne Cameras

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MABAT - Panoramic View Creator for Ground-Based Cameras

MAROM - Mosaic Creator for Airborne Platforms

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ARAD - ProTrack's SDK Library

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